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When the cage is rattled, something happens. Join us for the continuation of the sermon series " Rattle The Cages! - Provoking The Favour! by Apostle Douglas Jr. 

Sometimes bullies get more than they bargained for! Join us as Apostle Douglas starts new Sermon Series "Rattle The Cages!" - Big Bully!

On Your Mark Get Go! God has allowed us to step in to A New Year! But with that comes responsibility. Join Apostle R. J. Douglas Jr as he ministers on the sermon Finish Strong! Rel...

The Fuel To Finish!

As we come to an end this is not the ending. We have faced many things that have stolen our assurance for and hope for the future. Yes, it is true we did not anticipate this set of...

Join us for worship! We Apologize for any technical difficulties!

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